Rajasthan Travel Solutions is a media where student travel trips are organized as part of their curriculum. School and college trip offer a lot of practical knowledge to the students along with theoretical know how. Student trips can teach some of the most valuable lessons of life to the students in a short span of time that is otherwise might take long once the student life is over.

Rajastan is fantastic destination for the students traveling for educational tour and excursions. R.T.S offers a range of possibilities and topics for students. Rajasthan is a huge state in country that has unique diversity which is not seen anywhere in the world.Rajasthan’s each destination is totally different from the rest in terms of cultural practices, rituals, life style, language, food and clothes etc. Student travel to India can give the budding world citizens a platform to understand and assimilate different culture. Many overseas students have already benefited by their Rajasthan visit and refined into a better human being. The students will come through an experience of witnessing practically what they read or know about Rajasthan. It is the perfect destination for student tours. It has a lot to offer which consists matchless varieties. Rajasthan makes for a fabulous travel destination for student group travel for its rich historical, cultural, wildlife discoveries and religious background as well as its geographical and cultural diversity where India holiday never ends in true sense.

We organize & cover all aspects of tour to meet-your requirements from transport, hotel accommodation, visit to important places & camp; meals enroute at affordable cost.Our aim is to develop life skills and also encourage pupils to learn more about the Indian culture & civilization in a fun packed and stimulating manner. our first priority is safety, security, hassle free and comfortable journey of your students. We assure you that you will be in safe hands during educational tour with us.

Rajasthan Travel Solutions cover all the cities of Rajasthan and their historical and cultural sights, you can travel to amazing monuments in different cities of state and others such as the TajMahal, Magnificent forts and palaces, tombs and mosques and splendid temples. Learn about the art and architecture of ancient cultures. See beautiful sculpture and carvings on the walls of heritage buildings. Marvel at the skill of painters and artists who created murals and images on the walls of caves and temples in Rajasthan. The exquisite calligraphy and carvings on Mughal monuments are amazing works of art, that will fill you with wonder, on educational tours of India.

Visit the spiritual sites, sacred places ,holy destinations and wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks of Rajasthan on educational tours of the wildlife and ecology. Enjoy Jungle safaris and nature treks at Ranthambore, and see elephants, tigers, bears, leopards, deer, monkeys, and many species of animals, birds and plants in the forests of Rajasthan. The biodiversity and natural wealth of India is truly astounding and waits to be explored. Enjoy getting closer to Nature on educational tours of Rajasthan.

Our experience in the tourism Industry makes us capable of planning that perfect Education Tour for the travelers, which creates a bunch of memories that stays on for the rest of their lives. We have a well behaved and experienced team, who work closely with teachers & group leaders to ensure the school trip runs smoothly, professionally and enjoyably. Our team is ever willing to help you arrange the perfect educational tour in different destinations of Rajasthan. They discuss ideas with teachers and provide language guide who always assistance provide from our company during tour. The students may learn a lot about the age old stories of the various rural visited and ruled in Rajasthan in the past thousand of years, see the architecture of the houses, forts and palaces etc.

Our Education Tours are known for their knowledgeable and enjoyable experiences and we are experts in balancing these two aspects. Planning the Education Tours strictly as per the inputs provided to us, we take care of simple details such as the group size and the budgetary limitations. We believe in ‘service with quality’. Rajasthan Travel Solutions strive to provide best services without Compromising on quality. We feel that by doing so our guests get full value for every penny spent.