Camel Safaris take place in Rajasthan to give one an experience of the golden sands of huge Thar Desert and feral countryside, which gives one a clear glimpse of the earlier days. Now days also, most of the voyages are done on camel carts or on camel back.


Elephant Safari is one of the most royal means to visit Rajasthan; This Safari cannot be compared with any other sport, it truly depicts royalty. In the earlier times most of the royal members used elephants for their trips which were very well equipped with traditional items and also a traditional umbrella over their heads. Safaris of these days are very different from those of previous days. Elephant walks very slowly, so an elephant safari is the best option to visit the wild life sanctuaries and other towns of Rajasthan. Elephant safari camps are very wonderful and the tourists will have an amazing experience as compared to any other activity or place. Elephant safari will also give a chance to experience the royal past of Rajasthan.


Jeep Safaris are an ideal way to visit Rajasthan, mostly during winters. Safari means discovering the lesser known places and areas, away from the roads. Jeep Safaris are organized in the areas of Shekhawati and around Udaipur in Rajasthan since the rocky landscape with the forested valleys, hills and desert provides an amazing site. Places which are mostly covered in Jeep Safaris include the complexes of shrines, tribal regions of Rajasthan and the ruins of old forts. Jeep safaris can be amusing.


The horse safaris are very interesting sport played in the state of Rajasthan. Most historic way to travel around Rajasthan is through horse safaris, it truly makes one feel like the heroic soldier of the ancient times. Mostly Horse safaris are organized in Udaipur, the hilly landscape of the Udaipur are perfect place for Horse safari.


Cart Races takes place in sandy terrain and pulled by the camels. The camel carts are especially ornamented for the special events and during the festivals, with buntings and streamers. Camel cart races are fun, and provide lot of enthusiasm and happiness to the people. Camels can be made to run fast, and as they lope ahead, the carts seem to jump behind to keep pace with the creatures.


sIn most of the towns of Rajasthan Tonga or Horse Chariot are used as a mode of transport, it is very environment-friendly mode of transport. These mode of transport are very slow but their fastness can be tested only during the fairs when Tonga races are conducted. The owners ride the carriage in these races; when they passes through the sandy countryside they make an amazing sight.